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What Are Some Different Types Of Apartment Buildings In Bloomington?

June 03, 2022
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When you’re searching for a place to live, you’ll discover different types of apartment buildings in Bloomington. Almost all fit within the following groups: high-rise, mid-rise, and low-rise. But which style of building is better for you? Evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of each option will help you decide what type of apartment you would like to live in.

The Pros And Cons Of High-rise Apartment Buildings

High-rise apartment buildings typically feature at least ten stories. You’ll spot them in downtown areas where their height allows them to house many occupants within a small horizontal area. People who appreciate living in high-rise apartments pick them because:

  • High-rise options give you the best views of Bloomington.
  • Convenient locations in the middle of the city close to stores, restaurants, and attractions. Numerous high-rises actually feature stores or restaurants on their ground floor.
  • They may reduce your commute time if you work or go to school in the area.
  • High-rise buildings have elevators, so you won’t be required to take the stairs.
  • When living in a high-rise, all of your fellow Residents live in the same structure. This can promote a stronger sense of community as you talk in the halls or on the elevator. You could even benefit the service of a doorman or concierge.

Although it has many perks, habitating in a high-rise isn’t for all people. Living in a downtown high-rise is entertaining and lively for many, but there’s a good chance you won’t like it if you prefer tranquility and natural surroundings. Leaving home can also take a few more minutes when you live in a tall building, and an urban center may lack convenient parking. Finally, high-rise units are often tiny to fit more homes into a restricted quantity of space.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Low-rise Apartment Buildings

Somo Flats Apartments is a low-rise building. 

When it comes to different types of apartment buildings in Bloomington, low-rise or also known as garden-style buildings are in sharp contrast tohigh-rise properties. They usually feature four or fewer stories and are located away from the city center. You frequently find several low-rise structures at the same property with a wealth of space encompassing them.

You’re probably wondering: Why should I think about a low-rise over other types of apartment buildings in Bloomington?

  • Low-rise apartments have more residences on the ground floor, giving occupants easier access out of the building.
  • Low-rise properties often have more [parking spots for tenants and visitors.
  • There’s additional exterior space to explore if you have a pet or a preference for grass and trees past your window instead of a hectic downtown intersection.
  • You’ll live in the relative tranquility of the suburbs.
  • You share common areas and hallways with not as many tenants and enjoy more privacy.

However, not every tenant is looking for these advantages. If you have a preference for the excitement and opportunity of city life, a low-key low-rise building won’t fit your needs. Contingent on where you work or study, you may encounter an excessive drive from your low-rise building too.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mid-rise Apartment Buildings

City's End Apartments is a mid-rise building. 

Mid-rise apartment buildings consist of between five and nine floors. You’ll see mid-rise apartments in both downtown and outlying areas, so they blend the advantages of other types of apartment buildings in Bloomington:
  • If you find a mid-rise building in suburbia, you’ll benefit from a serene setting and exterior area blended with the social aspects of living in a more populated building.
  • In a mid-rise apartment in downtown Bloomington, you won’t encounter as many tenants as a high-rise but you may still enjoy the thrill of city living.

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