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Top Tips On How To Childproof Your Apartment In Bloomington

June 29, 2022
Blue decor with wooden flooring in a spacious living room located at Echo Park Bloomington apartments.
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Maybe you have children of your own or one coming in the near future. On the other hand, you might frequently host family and friends with young people. In any case, if you expect to have little kids in your Bloomington apartment, you’ll have to do a bit of childproofing to make sure everyone is protected. Here are some ideas to childproof your apartment in Bloomington.

Childproof Your Apartment In Bloomington By Placing Hazards Into Unreachable Spots

Colorful bedroom located at Lakeside apartments 

Kids are curious and try to touch just about anything. The first step to childproofing an apartment in Bloomington is to position dangerous, messy, or fragile items out of reach. Walk around your apartment to determine objects a toddler shouldn’t have access to and move, hide, or secure all of them. This should include
  • Sharp objects.
  • Toxic chemicals.
  • Cords and strings that pose a strangulation danger.
  • Fragile knick-knacks.
  • Important papers.
  • Spillable objects.
  • Things that could be deemed good to eat but are not, like medicine or dog food.
  • Heavy items a toddler might bring down on top of himself.
  • Markers, pencils, and art supplies.

Use Locking Devices To Stop Tots From Rummaging Through Cabinets

Close up of a white cabinet with a baby-proof lock system. 

Even in roomy apartments, you’ll have trouble finding enough higher, safe spots to store everything. You can shield young ones and your possessions by hiding them in securely fastened cabinets. You’ll come across numerous types of locking devices available for purchase. Some fit around the cabinetry hardware, while others make cabinets impossible to unlock for young children with poor dexterity. And when the child in your life enjoys playing in the toilet or refrigerator, invest in locks for those as well.

Incorporate Baby Gates To Prevent Kids From Roaming

Baby throws a yellow ball through the baby gate on the floor. 

As soon as they gain mobility, little ones try to roam around. In order to keep them close by and away from potentially risky areas like kitchens and bathrooms, use a playard or indoor gates to contain them. A little playpen will have ample room for little one and an assortment of stuffed animals, balls, and other toys to keep them entertained when you’re cooking a meal or trying to get some work done. Foldable playpens store easily when not in use.

If you have eager toddlers, safety gates will corral them into a single area. A great number of baby gates are secured by tension so that you don’t have to drill into your apartment walls. In the event you have to drill holes for a baby gate, don’t forget to fix the holes before leaving the apartment.

Keep Kids Inside With Childproof Door Locks

Kids get bigger quickly, and in less time than you can believe, they’re of a height to reach the doorknob and escape. To thwart them, always keep your chain fastened when you have kids about. If your unit doesn’t have a chain or you frequently neglect to keep it locked, consider a cover for the door knob that makes it challenging for little hands to grasp and twist. If you have sliding patio doors, try a sliding door flip lock. These stick to the non-movable section of the door and prevent children from moving the door after you flip up the lock.

Minimize The Risk Of Falls With A Balcony Barrier

Balcony with a railing at Waverly Apartments

If you allow kids to come out on your balcony, a balcony barrier is mandatory. These resemble screens and attach to your balcony with zip ties to prevent objects from slipping through railing bars. You might also use a a non-transparent option that offers the bonus of bringing you privacy regardless of whether you have kids around.

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