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Are Studio Apartments The Same As Efficiency Apartments In Bloomington?

March 03, 2022
Studio apartment living room at Echo Park Bloomington.
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When you look for an apartment with less square footage, you might find the phrases “studio apartment” and “efficiency apartment.” Initially, these descriptions might give the impression of being interchangeable, but they’re actually two separate apartment options. Even though they are both limited in space and economical, studio and efficiency apartments in Bloomington have some important differences. When you know how they differ, you will be able to decide which one to make your new place.

What Is A Studio Apartment In Bloomington?

A studio apartment living room at Riverview Apartments. 

If you’re picturing in your mind’s eye a small apartment, you’re probably envisioning a studio apartment. It’s a fact that nearly all studio apartments in Bloomington have around 600 square feet, but it’s their floor plan that lets them stick out from other options. While many apartment floor plans have clearly defined rooms, studio apartments offer open concept floor plans. The kitchen, bedroom, and living area are all in the same space. Only the bathroom and maybe a closet is in a separate location.

You’ll find a bit of variation with studio apartments. A number of studio apartments include a loft that gives you a small amount of privacy, and others utilize an L-shaped floor plan to create a nice corner for a bed. You may discover a range of studio apartment kitchen set-ups to boot. Despite their smaller dimensions, studio apartments offer full kitchens, and frequently a small counter or bar and built-in cabinets can serve as a welcomed divider between your living and cooking spaces. Additionally, a portion of studio apartments have a large enough bathroom for both a tub and shower, while others have just a shower.

What Is An Efficiency Apartment In Bloomington?

Efficiency apartments in Bloomington might resemble studio apartments, but they’re meant to conserve space even more. They feature very small floor plans–as little as 300 sq. ft. in total. The entire functional space except the bathroom is in one square room. Instead of a normally sized kitchen, you will find a kitchenette with a couple appliances and a small strip of countertop along one of your walls. Inside the tiniest of efficiency apartments, the stovetop or oven may not be full size. You’re likely to discover a smaller bathroom too, with just a shower.

Which Is Better: A Studio Apartment Or An Efficiency Apartment?

Looking into the bright living area from kitchen. 

Since you should now understand the differing qualities of efficiency and studio apartments in Bloomington, which will work best for you? That depends on your needs. Both options can reduce your living expenses but are suitable for a specific type of lifestyle.

If you’re looking for a small apartment to come home to each night and potentially invite over one or two guests, a studio apartment provides an adequate amount of living area. If having amenities like a bathtub is critical to you, then go with a studio apartment. A studio apartment usually is a preferred option for pet owners too.

If you’re away on business a lot or don’t often stay at home and simply want a a spot to rest at night, you can forgo the expense of a full-size apartment by living in an efficiency apartment. You can also counteract the higher living costs within the heart of the city or other desirable locale by choosing an efficiency apartment in the neighborhood of your choice. Even though your small apartment might be without a few amenities, remember that you can still use the wonderful amenities of the property.

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