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Essential Apartment Maintenance Tips For Bloomington Residents

July 08, 2022
Amenities kitchen located at Spark Apartments
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Getting assistance from an on-location maintenance crew is one of the most common and indispensable amenities you enjoy when residing in an apartment in Bloomington. But even with a dependable group of maintenance specialists, it can be more efficient to handle simple chores yourself. And there are some steps you can follow to avoid emergency situations. Follow these apartment maintenance tips for Bloomington Residents and take care of your apartment while leaving the larger issues to the experts.

Keep Drains Clear To Avert Plumbing Disasters

Bathroom at Riverview apartments. 

Everyone dreads a backed up pipe. To avoid emergency situations, keep drains clear. Try not to put grease from cooking, potato peels, onion skins, coffee grounds, or non-food items down the disposal or drain. Try using a hair catcher within the shower or tub drain and keep a toilet plunger nearby. If temps fall well under freezing in winter, let your faucets run at a thin stream or drip to prevent frozen pipes.

If you do get a slow or clogged drain, avoid using a corrosive heavy-duty drain cleaner that could harm pipes. Alternatively, drop approximately half a cup of baking soda in the drain, followed by a half-cup of household vinegar. Once it’s done bubbling, rinse with a good deal of warm water.

Maintain Appliances To Ward Off Malfunctions

Kitchen at Highpointe Apartments.

The better you tend to your apartment appliances, the better they will function. Always run your equipment as intended and give them a regular cleaning. Remove sizeable food remnants from pots, pans, and dishware before loading them into the dishwasher. Try not to cram items into your freezer, and defrost it from time to time to aid in helping it work more efficiently. Clean your stove and oven regularly. And clean off the lint trap every time you use your in-unit clothes dryer. These easy tasks will keep grime from impacting the longevity of your appliances.

Limit Insect Invasions With DIY Pest Precautions

Similar to most people, you appreciate catching a glimpse of the many different life forms while exploring your lovely apartment community, but you don’t want any unwanted guests in your home! You can prevent most infiltrations by clearing food remnants off all surfaces, taking out the trash frequently, and putting food in sealed containers. And if you have an occasional visit from creepy crawlies, a great deal of off-the-shelf insect control products will solve the issue within a few days.

Be Sure to Properly Ventilate Your Apartment’s Bathroom

Bathroom at Hamilton Luxury apartments. 

Moisture loves apartment bathrooms. Even spacious Bloomington apartment designs can include space-saving bathrooms without much ventilation to reduce humidity. This results in many wet areas.

A few simple Bloomington apartment maintenance tips can assist in keeping your bathroom as dry as possible. Make sure you operate the fan when you shower and swing the bathroom door open when you’re done. Keep wet towels hung up and wash them routinely. You also need to clean your bathroom surfaces often. If you observe the presence of mildew, address it immediately with multi-purpose vinegar, which gets through permeable bathroom materials better than bleach and is non-hazardous.

Turn To The Experts For Additional Apartment Maintenance Tips In Bloomington

The next time you cross paths with an employee of your maintenance staff, check if they might provide a few more apartment maintenance tips for Bloomington Residents . They know how to handle things within your building and community better than anyone! It stands to reason that the maintenance pros could know a tip for fixing a clogged drain or recommend a good pest deterrent product.

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