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Is It Worth It To Get An Apartment With An Attached Garage In Bloomington?

February 14, 2022
Attached garages at Hamilton Luxury Apartments
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If you pass over apartments with attached garages in Bloomington because they cost a little more, think again. This enticing apartment amenity can save you a lot of stress. No more clearing snow off your windshield on winter mornings or parking around the corner when the neighbors hog all of the good parking spaces. An attached garage might sound like an overindulgence, but their multiple perks make them worthwhile for anyone annoyed by parking outside in a common lot every night.

Apartments With Attached Garages Protect Your Car

Leaving your vehicle outside in the parking lot day after day is risky. Debris, extreme temperatures, and wind, hail, ice, rain can all take their toll on a car over time. Then there are random fender benders and dented doors that can happen.

Many apartment communities have covered parking spaces outside, but they give minimal defense against other drivers and the elements. An attached garage completely protects your car. It stays safe and dry and hidden when you’re home. Not to mention, you’ll save time in the morning if you don’t have to stand out in the chill and scrape snow from your windshield!

An Apartment Garage Shortens The Walk To Your Car

Attached garages at Legacy apartments 

Storing your car locked up inside is handy because you don’t have to walk as far as you leave and come home. Park inside your attached garage, and you only have a few steps to walk into your apartment when you arrive home after dark or have groceries. Garage parking also lets you avoid a precarious walk on icy mornings and keeps you dry in rainy weather.

Apartments With Attached Garages In Bloomington Provide Extra Storage

Attached garages at Highpointe Apartments. 

Who doesn’t want to use more storage at home? Even with a large apartment floor plan, you could probably use more storage solutions. An attached garage provides extra room to stow things if your apartment begins to seem cramped. Even with your car indoors, the majority of apartment garages might have some wall space for a cabinet or two and hooks to hang a bicycle and other outdoor gear that feels awkward to take inside.

You Always Have A Parking Spot In Your Attached Garage

attached garages at Union Flats

Have you ever come home after work and couldn’t get a parking spot near your building? Then you must look for a spot down the way. If it feels like a neighbor’s spare vehicle or party is always hogging parking spaces in your lot, you’ll save yourself lots of frustration and walking by moving to an apartment with an attached garage. Never again will you have to search for a parking spot. You may even have extra space in front of your garage where visitors can park so that you aren’t the neighbor who monopolizes the parking lot.

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